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HR Made Easy sprung into an idea brought by the challenge of not having a systematic and easier way of tracking and handling the overall recruitment and hiring process for Businesses. We understand the need to have an automated system to manage job applications that will eliminate the tedious manual way of doing it. We aim to transform your recruitment and application system from “Papermore” to a Paperless. Gone are the days when candidates submitted paper resumes and awaited indefinitely for responses.

Our drive is to provide easy-to-use solution that connotes efficiency and optimized application process.

What We Offer?

Cost- efficient Applicant Tracking Systems for Home Health Agencies

Integration with Employer’s Application Submission Process
Mechanism to filter, sort and organize candidate applications
Communication tools to manage and track interactions with applicants
Cloud based Applicant Tracking System
Company branded client-specific login

Applicant Tracking System

End 2 End Applicant Tracking

Application Tracking System Chart

Overview – dashboard to provide a view of all job application status from New, Reviewed, Denied and Approved.

Evaluation – a preview view to glance at a candidate’s profile and a detailed look at their qualifications and expertise to help you to evaluate each applicants against the job requirement.

Communicate – Integrated email function provides capability to send emails, schedule interviews and create a record of your communication with each applicants.

On-Boarding – upload tool makes it easier for Applicants to submit all of the pre-employment requirements; eliminating the need for them to go in person and have all them copied.

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